next to you I remember, I am, 2016
video, color + sound, 25’22’’, HD, 16:9

 video stills

"The new film of Anna Okrasko, a visual artist, author of videos, performances, installations, and collages, was made entirely during her stay in Poland, the first longer stay in years. Through the eye of a transient visitor in a place which she was once a part of, Okrasko looks at the current political intensification, devoting particular attention to how religious behaviour manifests itself in public spaces. next to you I remember, I am regards the problematic belonging to a community that she views as oppressive. Nevertheless the video is an attempt to create a contact zone with those who are praying through an intimate, subjective experience."

Anna Ptak


Text, voice-over, photography, sound recording and editing: Anna Okrasko
Sound design and mix: Marcin Lenarczyk
Image post-production: Locomotive
English translation: Nestor Kaszycki

The film was created during Anna Okrasko's residency at A-I- R Laboratory / CCA Ujazdowski Castle and co-financed by Akademie Schloss Solitude and the City of Warsaw.