One Woman Party, 2014
video, color + sound, 5’21’’, HD, 16:9

The footage of the One Woman Party (taken during the Dyke* March Berlin 2014) is conducted by a poetic voice-over narration, sang by a group of women. These performers, constantly shifting between plural and singular voice, create a very intimate portrait of a community based on experiences of loss and abandonment. Their voices play in contrast to the reversed video (making women depicted in the footage walking backwards) and bring the forward movement, constructing a present time, which is looped forever.

- video stills


text, camera, editing and image post-production: Anna Okrasko
music: Iwona Skwarek
vocals: Joanna Kuźma, Izabela Rekowska, Iwona Skwarek
sound production & recording: Iwona Skwarek
sound mixing & mastering: Bartosz Szczęsny