Patriots, 2013-2015 
 –   script for a feature film, A4, inkjet print, 130 pages

The Patriots plot is a story about a group of young temporal Polish workers, who are sharing the same flat in the Bospolder district in Rotterdam. Examining the Polish group relations with each other, their economical bounds, culturally imposed roles and life situation, the film pictures the protagonists’ relation to the city, its public spaces, different inhabitants and institutions. The portrait of the Polish fellows within the Dutch urban context and it's modern architecture (i.e. De Rotterdam by Rem Koolhaas, Markthal by MVRDV) is juxtaposed with scenes 
set in Bytom in Poland, where the protagonists of the film come from. It is a shrinking city in Silesia (dealing with the economical and social cost of the transformation after 1989) where some of the housing is sinking into the ground, due to the damages caused by the mining industry.

The main subjects of the Patriots are power relations with the omnipresence of cameras in the Poles’ lives as one of their key elements. The film script focuses on the narcissistic pleasure of being watched and heard, which leads the characters to willingly “perform” their privacy and confess to the cameras. Moreover the script’s individual story lines tell on the one hand of the surveillance in public places in the Netherlands and of the patronising attitude to immigrants at integration courses and on the other, of competition for domination between individuals. An important element of the relations between the characters from different social backgrounds is their constant need for achievement, for good results at work, for integration, learning the language and winning acceptance.