Lisa, 2013

  The Lisa performance investigates how the understanding of: identity, history, power, personal and national responsibility shifts, according to one's belief in reincarnation. The work is based on fragments of an interview, which I made with a young actress and film director: Lisa, during my AiR in Berlin. The woman was born in the 1980's in Israel and moved from Tel Aviv to Berlin in the beginning of 2013. The performance's title repeats the name of Artur Żmijewski's piece from 2003, which is a reference for my work. I invited an actress Cornelia Fleck to mimic Lisa's voice, while listening to excerpts from the interview. 

video stills from documentation of a performance, color ­­­+ sound, 31’27’’, HD, 16:9

photo documentation from performance, ABA Salon, Berlin, 2013