Untitled (Ik kijk naar de film), 2012
video, color + sound, 45ʼ46'', HD, 16:9

The Untitled (Ik kijk naar de film) artistic documentary is an outcome of my participation at Expodium's locatie:KANALENEILAND residency in 2011-12.  

Kanaleneiland district in Utrecht was build in 1960’s according to ideals of functional cities. Nowadays, Kanaleneiland, which in recent years has been synonymous with social problems, goes through a gentrification process.

Within the framework of making the The Untitled (Ik kijk naar de film) video I invited a group of people, living or working in Kanaleneiland (including myself) to stage together in front of the camera a fictional narrative. Hence this artistic documentary incorporates a story of the Tramp, the Ghost of a Former Inhabitant and the Artist sharing the same Flat, which is located in Kanaleneiland. The residents of the 1960’s estate have to deal with vacancy, departure, demolition and renovation. The Untitled (Ik kijk naar de film) plays out against the background of the Utrecht housing estate and comments on the involvement of art in gentrification processes. 

–  video stills