View, 2008

View was collectively initiated by Anna Okrasko, Nicolas Sanchez and Kaja Pawełek and took place in Witryna Gallery. This project was conceived as a civil protest against the transformation of Warsaw’s urban public sphere by commercial powers employing a common practice of covering windows of private flats by advertising companies. The group exhibition created a platform for the singular voices of each of the three participants.

For the exhibition I took photographs of views from private flats’ windows covered with advertisements. One of these photographs was reproduced on a banner and installed so that it blocked the view of exhibition space of the gallery. “Witryna” is Polish for “vitrine”; its programming is based on the idea of free accessibility and participation. The photo reproduced on the banner shows the view of the building where Witryna Gallery is located.

Nicolas Sanchez contributed a short, semi-fictional story about his experience as a resident of one of the flats covered with advertisement. The book he wrote and illustrated was launched during View opening. Art historian and curator, Kaja Pawełek, wrote a critical text about outdoor advertisement, which was published in one of the main Polish newspapers Gazeta Wyborcza. On the day of the opening, this newspaper was distributed during the exhibition’s private view. 

One of the photographs from View series, showing the perspective of Warsaw, obscured by the advertisement banner covering the window.

Photographs from View series were reproduced on postcards and distributed during the exhibition.